Training Class Highlights

1. Methodical Review of National Federation Football Rules

Each week, the CVFOA Training Committee will take you through a step by step, rule by rule review of the National Federation Football Rulebook. This review is the basis for the rest of the year. The rule review will prepare you for the National Federation Rules Exam. The rules review will continue throughout the year.

2. CVFOA Mechanics

After the Exam, the Committee will begin mechanics training. Mechanics are the “way we work a game”. In other words, where to line up when working each position. What the keys are for each position. What the responsibilities are for each position during all kinds of plays (i.e. Kick-off, Free Kick, Scrimmage Play, etc.)

You will also learn what is expected of you as a CVFOA Official, your responsibilities regarding meeting attendance, time to arrive at a game site, communicating with your crew, etc.

3. Game Experience Discussion

Once the season starts, you will be assigned at least one sub-varsity game each week. Some of your best education will come from discussing situations that occur in you games. These discussions are invaluable. The committee will be able to field your questions and clear-up confusing plays or mechanics questions.

The CVFOA has the reputation within the State of Virginia as having the best new officials training program. The Committee works extremely hard to provide you with the basis to become a top flight Varsity Official. Without an effective training program for new officials, the CVFOA will not be able to continue to provide the quality service for which it is known. Our goal is to insure that the CVFOA always has new officials entering our ranks with skills that are equal to or greater than those of the current membership.