2015 CVFOA Observers Report




R/F Play Timing

  • The report is designed to capture all events as they chronologically occurred and are highlighted (in Red) in those areas where questions are present or perhaps more effort can be focused for improvement as the year progresses.
  • Introduction Summary: (Example below)
    All were on the field 30 minutes before game time and performed the pregame duties well. Although there appears to be a lot of constructive criticism in this report, this was a young crew that did a very good job. The crew worked well together and really hustled all night. Referee could have followed the ball carrier into sidelines at times on plays into bench area. Crew consistently came into dead ball area in unison and backed out together to positions for next play. U had a wide range of movement on the field from numbers to numbers. HL and LJ mirrored and complemented each other the entire game. Both deep and sideline officials communicated well and had excellent control of the side lines the entire game. All deep officials had good cushion and position on pass plays. R had good game management. The crew looked very smooth and had great ball exchange. This was a well officiated game by all.
  • Pregame Preparation and Coin Toss (Example below)
    Officials out on field on time and looking professional doing their jobs. Coin toss on time.
  • 1st Quarter

  • 2nd Quarter

  • Halftime

  • 3rd Quarter

  • 4th Quarter